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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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to be back. good morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday july 29th, top stories on the east coast. >> and so my friends, it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in may america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] maria: clinton celebrating milestone after the democratic national convention last night and thanked bernie sanders and attacked rival donald trump. he said he got advice about campaign. [inaudible]
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>> i said, what are you talking about. don't get down. you have one person to beat. it's hillary rodham clinton. [cheers and applause] maria: meanwhile breaking news overnight another police shoot to go report, two officers were shot in san diego neighborhood, one suspect now in custody. we have the latest on this attack. in business this morning, facebook on the hook for billions in tax bill from irs, the social media giant is fighting back, we've got details. technology earnings continue to roll in, amazon and tboogle parent alphabet showing strength in numbers last night. we will take a closer look. it's friday and matt damon is back at jason bourne. franchise hitting theaters today, we are gearing up to be one of the hottest films of the summer time. market this is morning indicating lower averages, dow jones expected to open 25,
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nasdaq fractionally lower this morning w. le get a revision on second-quarter gdp this morning and reading on consumer sentiments. in europe mixed performances. they are due out later this morning. we will preview the stress test coming up. the central banks saying it will only expand purchases of etf. stock fell nearly 2% and then recovered by the end of the session. trading up one half of 1% in the nikkei average on japan. crude nearing bare market territory. it is down 20% from the recent high. 3 quarters of 1% this morning. all the stories coming up. joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, jerry baker and democratic strategist
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julie. >> good morning. dagen: it feels like the taj, taj,mahal. maria: what a week, jerry, how was it from your standpoint? >> democrats pulled what they had to do. bernie sanders crowd were making a lot momt ev durg llars bispee lasnigh so tre's lotf dcontt. theyame geth and t president did very well we understand, hillary workman like at best let's say last night but checked all the boxes. so i think we are going to see how the polls are in the next week, history shows the polls after both conventions are out, those polls tend to be pretty predictive on how election is
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going to go. dagen: it didn't measure up to michelle obama, vice president biden and president obama. a lot of people have not heard her stump speech, a speech that she put in the microwave and >> tt dsic. >>t foine pattern of any campaign. the last two were about expanding to undecided voters. maria: a lot coming up today. former florida con mang west joining us and mike huckabee with us, former director of intelligence agency lieutenant michael flynn. you don't want to miss a moment. we kick it off with hillary making history last night and targeting trump. clinton accepting the democratic nomination, she's the first woman to do so for a major party
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in the u.s. blake berman with all of the details on the convention finale in philadelphia. blake over to you. blake: it was most certainly a history-making night here in philadelphia last night for hillary clinton and she acknowledged it during her speech, describing the evening as a quote, milestone. she was introduced here but her daughter chelsea clinton who described her mother as a listener and doer. >> every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life she was always, always there for me. blake: now once hillary clinton took the stage she try today position herself as the candidate who best would be able to tackle issues like wall street reform, comprehensive immigration reform and global warming and, however, most certainly a pretty big focus on donald trump who she described
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as divisive, one who pedals fear and most importantly she try today portray him as somebody who simply not ready to be commander in chief. >> imagine if you dare imagine, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis, a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. blake: maria, we are 102 days now until election day, this is the sprint to november and both candidates are back out on the road. donald trump will make a couple of stops in colorado, hillary clinton will be here in philadelphia and shen she embarks on a bus tour throughout pennsylvania and ohio, 102 days, maria. maria: yeah, i tell you. blake, thank you. we are getting close. blake berman with the latest there. joining us right now former democratic presidential
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candidate denise, congressman, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: your reaction to last night? >> well, first of all, let's start with some of the positive things. i think that it's very power tfl muslim father who talked about family's loss of u.s. soldier son, i mean, it's very moving, people were in tears and then you move from that to katie perry roar, i'm a katie perry fan, i'm a fan. the moment she claims nomination is history. those were positive moments and then you go to the moment that i found disconcerting is general alan who i have respect for but he took a speech in the direction, i thought of war and frankly there's a lot of people in the democratic party who aren't ready to sign up for another war.
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maria: that's a good point. bottom line, we are talking about the huge block of undecided and the independents out there, did the speeches last night manage to lure in that independent voter? >> i think it's up for grabs, i don't think the speech although delivered very well and hillary clinton was absolutely at her best, i don't know that they're going to start to swing independent voters, independent voters are looking for new visions for america, all the political attacks are not going to help candidates get that vote, independent voters are going to look at what are you going to do to america, uplifting vision to america and how you're going to deliver it. >> what about democrats? do you think it was the theme of the week as you mentioned last night specially when general alan was talking but even when senator secretary clinton was talking, there was a loft -- there was a lot of discontent
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and a lot about what you mentioned being too warlike and the theme of the evening, the democratic party assuming, they were looking ronald reagan was in vote again, a lot of military, muslim father of an army captain that was killed. is the party really to unit to hillary clinton? i can vote for jill stein, gary johnson the libertarian, is she going to bring democrats with her? >> i think she's bring most of them. the challenge is to bring all and that's going to be a tough order. i think the point you just made a moment ago about, you know, some of the party putting on the clothes of a more aggressive
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republican and i want to state again that there are a number of people inside the democratic party who are absolutely not ready to revisit continuation of the war that republicans took us into. for the life of me, i can't understand why the democratic party keeps beating the drum for confrontation with russia. maria: i know why. the whole dnc e-mail leak, they very very effective in terms of turning that into conversation of russia hacking america. let's run some highlights before, hillary speech lasted almost an hour and had plenty of highlights with support from her daughter. take a listen. >> don't believe anyone who says i alone can fix it. [cheers and applause]
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>> yes, those were actually donald trump's words in cleveland. americans don't say, i alone can fix it. we say, we'll fix it together. tonight we have reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. [cheers and applause] >> after all, when there are no ceilings, the sky is the limit. >> every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always there for me. [cheers and applause] >> i am so grateful to be her daughter. i'm so grateful that she is charlotte and aden's grandmother.
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she makes me proud every single day. maria: effective? >> i did not hear -- she did not talk about the economy near enough. the wall street editorial page, clinton is promising better results from the same policies. in her first 100 days she wants to spend money. she wants the biggest investment and new-good paying jobs since world war ii. she talks about the government creating those jobs and not businesses. she hammered businesses for laying off people and using tax breaks, she hammered wall street. this is the same old, same old and people are disconnected from this economy and they're angry about it and she did not talk to them. >> well, you know, as far as the emotional content with chelsea i thought that was very moving lu list get into the economics. you have to make a connection between wars and the economy. we are spending trillions of dollars and that's not really positive for the economy because
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most of it is spent blowing things. the thing about jobs, we have to create jobs and one of the ways of doing it is to rebuild america's infrastructure. now, it is true that, you know that the government if the private sector is not creating the jobs, where are the jobs going to come from? that's where infrastructure programs come from. we also need to find ways to move the private sector again and this is where trade comes in. we cannot keep sending american business or jobs abroad with trade deals which work against the american people. maria: so much emotional focus, you're right, again, it was sort of a reinvention convention but not enough about -- about the substance that people want to hear about. look, we have a lot to talk about. julie, we have to take your take on this. congressman, good to see you soon. we are following the developments as well as of police shooting in san diego leaving one officer dead and one suspect in custody, more on that coming up and then the irs
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looking to get up to $5 billion from facebook, coming up what the taxes could mean for facebook's bottom line. we are on it. gdp out today. stay with us.
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maria: breaking news overnight. cheryl: one of two police officers officers shot in san diego has died and the second is in surgery this morning.
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the shooting at a routine stop and immediately called for help. the officer that died received multiple shots. at least one suspect arrested but not yet identified and police say they are no longer searching for other possible suspects. police officers on edge. outrage after silence and interrupted by shouts of black lives matter. listen to this. >> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. [shouting] cheryl: you heard the sh a lot of anker about that moment
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happening at the convention. facebook could be facing a multibillion dollar tax bill from the irs. it could be on the hook for 3 to $5 billion for transfer to ireland in 2010. notice came from irs two days ago, same day facebook says second-quarter profit nearly tripled. we should say facebook plans to challenge the notice, the stock hit a record high yesterday overtaking booker hathaway. the business reportedly debt free, profitable and already fully staffed more than 75,000 tickets were sold in about 150 countries. top ticket buyers, by the way, number one united states, number
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two australia, the winner, maria, identified only as joshua from australia and those are your headlines, welcome back guys, i missed all of you. maria: thank you so much. we are thrilled to be back in new york. coming up european banks gearing up to face their moment of truth, one bank can fail. what it means for your money. coming up how hillary clinton is slamming trump to make a case for herself. back in a moment ♪
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maria: welcome back, 51 of europe's largest banks waiting results of stress test. there are concerns about the bank since it has $50 billion of bad loans on the books. jerry baker this morning. >> this is -- this is one of the biggest challenges bluntly facing the global economy, certainly the european economy at the moment. the european banking system is very, very weak, europe has had no growth of any sort over the last ten years, most countries in europe, italy has had zero growth for 15 years. the banks have tremendous of bad loans on the books and they're not getting any better and the economy is depending on banks to lend. so these banks are a drag only
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economy. many are positioned very weak capital. they don't have enough capital. we are going to find out today exactly from the stress test how bad they are. there's going to be a big question about how this is resolved. look, everybody focused on brexit a month ago and that was the big story and understandably it still represents a big set of question marks but the big story is how weak the european financial system and the european economy and how much damage to the rest of the world. i don't think we are going to see it today but the state of european banks represents another liehman moment and tremendous threat to financial stability. dagen: if people read the wall street journal they would know this. on the front page you had a story in early july about the
6:25 am
italian banks. this is from that article. 17% of those banks loans are sour, nearly ten times the level of the u.s. even at the worst of financial in '08-'09. maria: we saw last week deutsche deutsche bank's performance. >> terrible results by deutsche bank. they're in such bad condition. why does this matter to us? the answer is those banks will have to be rescued, several of them. the governments don't have the resources to rescue them. there's a huge division between the italian government and the european union as to how they should be rescued. the european union has rules. it always comes back to germany and the way germany wants in the european wants, what the rest of the european union wants.
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germany wants to use creditors to fund the rescue of the banks. the italian government wants to use government public money just like the u.s. did back in 2008-2009. this is going to cause more tension within the european union. we have a financial crisis continuing with the banks. we saw data this morning which basically showed no growth in france, very weak growth and you have a continuing and rising political tension as a result of all of the pressures. it really is -- it's hard to get excited about europe these days other than going on vacation, you know, having nice food and drinking good wine. maria: even there, tourism has plummeted. >> it has because of terrorism problem. almost daily attacks throughout europe. and by the way, you are seeing consequences of this in european politics, you have seen brexit, the rise of the populist right-wing parties in france, in italy, austria and even germany.
6:27 am
people need to keep an eye on this because this is a steadily boiling problem. >> doesn't britain's exit from the european union empower the german drive and affect italian banks even more? >> the british were supportive of germany anyway essentially on many of these issues, it doesn't change the equation there. what it does is it does create more tension because it takes out of the european economy the second largest economy and the only one that was really growing with germany growing consistently and it does create more financial pressures as a result. it does create exactly what you're right, does create more pressure for the europeans to come together but that then has a political backlash because the people don't want that. there's a tension between financial pressure, forcing european together and the political pressure of people wanting to pull apart. maria: all right, we will be watching the story. technology the news.
6:28 am
the tech giants crushing this week's expectations, google, amazon, earnings, victories means we are going to see stocks move. also we do have gdp out, this is the first showing to have gdp. we are going to get that this morning. plus hillary clinton getting a glowing recommendation from a military leader but trump still not buying. more on the battle of foreign policy. back in a moment i know what i can expect from usaa
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maria: happy friday, july 29th, here are your top stories, hillary clinton making history, the final any of the democratic national convention sharpening attacks on donald trump on anything in the economy to the war on terror. >> we will pursue you as only america can. you will fear us, we will defeat you. we will pursue you. maria: donald trump issued his own warning on fighting terror, looking at the candidate's plans to defeat isis. amazon and google's alphabet showing strength, how the stocks open this morning. the latest installment of the franchise hitting theaters, looking at the hottest films of
6:32 am
the summer. markets are mixed. dow jones industrial average down, second-quarter gdp this morning, a reading on consumer sentiment. markets are mixed, the bank stress test in the region is due out later today. markets not far from where they began session. the central bank saying it will expand purchases for exchange traded funds but recovered by the end of the session up 1/2%. hang seng in hong kong up, oil prices, it is officially in bear market territory, $40 a barrel, crude down 20%. the fight against isis, making an appearance at the convention is hillary clinton and john
6:33 am
allen, slamming donald trump as an experienced. >> donald trump, says this is -- i know more about isis than the generals do. he thinks he knows more than the military because he claimed armed forces are disaster. >> without hesitation a reservation hillary clinton will be exactly the kind of commander-in-chief america needs. i also know with her as commander-in-chief our international relations will not be reduced to a business transaction. maria: trump defending his
6:34 am
hard-line approach. >> they can drown people and steal cages, cut their throats, can't water board. playing by different rules. we are likely stupid people. we don't win anymore. maria: lieutenant colonel alan west. your reaction to the conversation on national security. >> it was very interesting you had a former colleague of mine, representative dennis kucinich who spoke out against general alan on the line of rhetoric he used from the democratic platform floor and representative james armen who is a former member of the house intelligence committee concerned about the democratic party and their ability to focus on national security and protecting america. a person won the nomination to the democrat party, and the russian foreign minister a reset
6:35 am
button. and one of the major bases for the islamic state. when you talk about donald trump being inexperienced, you have to look at the experiences as secretary of state and contribution she has made to this deplorable situation across the globe with chaos and violence. >> listening to donald trump about nato,
6:36 am
>> being a former paratrooper. and individuals, donald trump, explain to them the importance of having a strong nato, having a credible deterrent force that can look at vladimir putin and say we won't allow you to attack sovereign countries like latvia, estonia, lithuania, we see what is happening crime. in ukraine. one of the most important heard, donald trump needs to surround himself with people on the ground, and not just -- i would love, to fine-tune the message.
6:37 am
>> he does need clearly some stronger military and foreign policy advice. on the question of russia, jokingly said the other day about russia should hack into secretary clinton's emails, he was asked would you recognize russia's annexation of crimea, the policy of all the nato countries, we have to think about it and give some consideration. what he said about abrogation of article 5, he said admiring things about vladimir putin. the lack of national security knowledge, he does have a favorable approach to vladimir putin, he seems -- doesn't seem to object when anybody raises the possibility vladimir putin may do something he has done that is considered outrageous and that worries people is much
6:38 am
as national security. are you concerned about his views toward russia? >> absolutely. i serve in europe and i know the threat that is there and i remember going across to check point charlie and existence of the old iron curtain. i don't want to see eastern europe fall under that dark specter that threatens people but the most important thing is we have to have donald trump start to get briefings every day, people who can explain critical situations so he is not shooting from the hip. i will be one of the first to say we cannot have that because it does open yourself up to criticism. that is what you saw from the democratic platform. dagen: it does seem his ideas
6:39 am
solidified. it explained and changed his mind. >> with the right type of person, to get someone realize -- we saw what intransigent ideology did when president obama was dead set about withdrawing all our troops from iraq that have been defeated and then they regenerated. donald trump needs to realize you can't be intransigent and say my way or the highway because once you take over as president of the united states you get intelligence briefings, then you get reality. maria: now is the time we will see a closer focus. everything you say sounds plausible and we appreciate your insights, we will see you soon. 2800 microsoft employees, the new layoffs at the technology company and what it means for the future. back in a moment.
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maria: futures indicate grower opening, dow jones industrial average 25 points on the gdp report, first look at gdp, we will see that impact, alphabet shares, parents of google storing ahead of the open, profits up 24%, shifting to mobile. amazon set to be a winner beating wall street expectations helped by stronger crowd revenue. microsoft announcing another round of layoffs cutting nearly
6:44 am
3000 jobs, stock is up 1%, 5621. it is a historic week at the democratic national convention and we get a firsthand look at philadelphia. look at the week's top moments from the show. >> the dnc wishes they put their emails on hillary's server, but it all got leaked. hillary comes into this convention with more baggage than delta airlines. when you add up all the things, setting a debate schedule that was insufficient, superdelegates, so many things prove this election was rigged against bernie sanders. i think it is time to consider withdrawing the endorsement. >> i like debbie wasserman schultz very much, she made the right decision stepping down. we are getting beyond it. >> the jihadi's are on a
6:45 am
rampage, expanding in ways we have never seen before. it seems as if the left hasn't noticed it, prepared to mention it when a certain presidential candidate from new york reminds them that isis is out there and growing, in part because of the policies of the current administration. maria: why did you drop that reference from your speech tuesday night? >> it was not coming up on the teleprompter. they had not put it in. a technical thing. i believe we have to do something about isis. i feel that very strongly and said it in many ways. i continue to believe it is a job we have to do with the help of others. >> no mention last night of security, safety, law and order and she is going to be trouble. people have anxiety, the world is not as safe as it was eight years ago and they don't address
6:46 am
that, they will go down to defeat. >> getting the economy back, no doubt about it, people feel very estranged when it comes to this economy, they don't think their future is bright. >> the fundamental issue for either candidate. if we don't get off of the 1% economic growth, get up to 21/2 or 3, we can forget increasing jobs driving the economy and putting people back to work. >> how big an impact is the vote to leave the european union on results? >> in the second quarter, $60 million and that is exchange effects on the balance sheet. in total for this year we see an impact of $200 million. maria: marissa mayer plans to stay. what is her role in this merger? >> her next role is 0.
6:47 am
>> how do we bring back what you call it? dagen: win the eastern conference. the lakers. >> if you had a flavor what would it be? >> secondary orange. ♪ maria: i had trouble with that stuff. thank you for tuning into special coverage this weekend, it was a great two weeks. dagen: i am just glad not to be in the tent city on the hot
6:48 am
asphalt. dagen: air-conditioners the size of kias. you did both conventions. i saw you in cleveland and philly. did you feel there was a difference between the convention putting policies aside. >> re-create the 1787 constitutional convention before air-conditioning took us back to that. i have been to 11 party conventions, what we have been through before 2000. it was very clear, cleveland was strange because, many were not very happy. i saw a lot of that. executed a hostile takeover of the republican party. a lot of people were unhappy about that. in philadelphia they --
6:49 am
maria: started with debbie wasserman schultz. >> so many bernie supporters and others were unhappy with the process, this is a reflection of fractured politics. maria: the 18th-century was missing every 30 seconds. dagen: getting a little behind the scenes. coming close. one of the most anticipated movies of the summer coming to theaters, the return of jason bourne, back in a moment. >> we are finished.
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>> we have done the same thing right. >> not on your side. it maria: matt damon returning for the fifth installment of the action series. michael, i can't wait. is it big? >> the number one spot, $120 million tracking $150 million opener. highly anticipated 10 years, matt damon is back with director paul, people can expect a lot of action, intense action, not a lot of dialogue, 25 lines,
6:54 am
somehow they are not quite shakespearean. maria: for some reason he gave it up for a little while. >> always want to move on to other things and born legacy which did very well. was never meant to be a movie that went beyond a single film. and the most successful recent memories. >> ticket prices are more important. will this impact revenue. >> in summer of 2016, the studios have been counting on, looking forward to this movie. and suicide squad opening up this week, the last chance for
6:55 am
the studio to pull out a successful summer of 2016. >> superheroes, this is warner bros. version, doing what disney has with marvel comics. the first one, 10 more movies before 2020 with the dc universe. of phenomenal assault last night, he is going to love it. i liked it. and phenomenal as harley quinn. it is an interesting take, the villains got together to save the world. maria: sounds like you liked that. then there is a bad moms. >> happy to take the number 3 spot, what happens when
6:56 am
overstressed overworked moms not getting far in life. and be bad moms for a change starring christina applegate and jade a pinkett smith, $20 million, and -- maria: a check on that in the studio. great to see you. >> great job the last two weeks, you and your team. maria: the team was awesome. before we take a break, let's get this etf report. dagen: the tech sector is a big winner thanks to solid earnings from apple, facebook, texas instruments, western digital, other deal activity including analog devices, 14.8 $14.8 billion linear technology giving the sector a boost. "mornings with maria" will be right back.
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maria: i am maria bartiroma, it is july 29th on the east coast. hillary clinton makes history, the first woman to be a presidential nominee. >> tonight we reached a milestone we march toward a more perfect union. first time a major party
7:00 am
dominated a woman for president. when any barrier falls in america, it steers a way for everyone. after all, when there are no ceilings, the sky is the limit. maria: donald trump continues on the campaign trail. today he is headed to colorado after railing on hillary clinton in iowa. breaking news, another police shooting near san diego. one officer killed, the other in surgery. one suspect is in custody. we have the latest on this attack. a touching tribute front american hero, a memorial for american sniper chris kyle unveiled in his hometown. chipotle now looking at an all-american burger to check up on chipotle. earnings season moves on, oil prices and bear market
7:01 am
territory. and the ownership rate is all because of millennials, markets indicate lower opening for the broader averages. the dow jones industrial average down, we want to get a look at second-quarter gdp. markets are mixed, investors waiting on results from the bank stress test that is due out today. in asia overnight, the bank of japan disappointing markets, purchasing exchange traded funds, and recovered by the end of session. a look at oil prices at $40 a barrel, crude in bear market territory, from the recent tie. all those stories coming up.
7:02 am
dagan mcdowell, wall street journal editor-in-chief gerri baker with us and democratic strategist julie rich in ski. >> to your point, it was chaotic. at the republican convention and democratic convention and makes it exciting. maria: most extraordinary election we have ever seen. >> two candidates who are flawed candidates. neither of them hugely admired by their own parties, take their case to the country, they got 100 days to do it. maria: a big shout out to law enforcement everywhere, all the police everywhere, that was the big issue going into the convention, is it going to be safe? big shout out to law-enforcement and police. historic my for hillary clinton
7:03 am
becoming the first woman to accept a major party nomination. she touched on major issues. >> in my first hundred days we will work to pass the biggest investment in good paying jobs since world war ii. fighting for affordable childcare and paid family leave, playing the woman card, then deal me in. bernie sanders and i will work together to make college tuition free for the middle class and debt-free for all. maria: joining us is former republican presidential candidate and arkansas governor mike huckabee. good to see you. >> good morning. maria: what is your take on hillary's speech? did it do enough to make a case that she is the one on issues like economy and trade? >> if you like hillary you loved
7:04 am
her speech. if you are not a big fan of hillary or somehow have missed the last 40 years of clinton mania i don't know how you listen to that speech and say that is terrific. i didn't go to medical school but i can diagnose hillary's cough and clearing throat issue. every time she is clearing her throat or coughing she is coughing up another government giveaway. what we have seen with hillary is we have gone from george orwell's big brother to hillary being big mother. let's make government as big as we can, as expensive as it can be and give away a lot of stuff but somebody has got to pay for that. maria: she has to appeal to bernie sanders supporters and bring up free college. we have this enormous block of independence. do you believe that speech made her look like a changemaker her husband talked about?
7:05 am
>> i don't think so. there was nothing fresh. a whole string of liberal clichés, everything from we are going to make sure you can get an abortion, we are going to do all the spending programs, we are going to give away a lot of stuff and i don't think people by that from someone who has been in the public eye as much as she has and whose positions have switched more often than the ping-pong ball in a chinese ping-pong tournament. dagen: you are close to donald trump. at some point are we going to hear how he will accomplish what he is talking about? will he provide details how he is going to fight isis return the economy around or bring manufacturing back or trade or are we going to just take his word for it? >> pretty much like you are going to get from hillary clinton. dagen: she has detailed plans on her website, he does not.
7:06 am
>> what hillary does is take the same, different position on issues all over the board whether it is the war, trade, law enforcement. what i think donald trump has is clarity of his own convictions, he has been consistent about not letting america get sucker punched in trade deals, letting american workers get trampled all over or letting foreign governments sucker us, the iranian deal, wonderful reset with russians that hillary was successful at, i do think what we look for in a president is not detailed policy speech like it came from brookings or heritage. we look for clarity of vision, hire people to carry out details, donald trump understands he is a good executive. >> i wonder if she had any effect of lines against mister trump? talking about his character and
7:07 am
temperament, that concerns people. if you are on twitter you should not have access to nuclear codes. will that be tacked that will resonate with people? >> i don't think somebody who has been exposed as having lied to congress, having lied about everything from her emails to running past like her the a sniper fire in bosnia, his credibility is totally shot by the many things she said i don't think she is in a position to give a lecture on what honesty looks like. and believe everything she says even though so many things she says turned out to be outright falsehoods. dagen: i picked up on something, some people did, with hillary clinton's speech, longtime political strategist said this is how you win elections.
7:08 am
they started hitting him on small business owners and contractors. you start running ads, the little guy gets hurt. and a lot of different campaigns, that hurts. >> you can put on 10,000 people who say i got a job, and the trump tower or golf courses. hundreds of thousands of people, donald trump hired and work with. and being able to come on camera to say something nasty, you can find hundreds of thousands of people, they came on the job site. he treated me with respect,
7:09 am
acted like i am somebody. and stopped on the highway when his car broke down. that is the stuff of which politics is all about. maria: i know many people, these people were bankrupt because of his bankruptcy, and dozens if not hundreds who he has devastated and that is offensive to me that he never said he is sorry about that. all he said is he made a lot of money off of bankruptcies and everybody else be damned. how do you counter that? you are a former governor, you are a politician, and appealing to people and their better angels. president obama, in 70 years i have never seen an example of
7:10 am
him helping or caring about working-class people and we're supposed to take his word for it. it is offensive he talks about this when people i literally living out of a box because of the way he behaved in atlantic city. >> a lot of times it is the government policies like new jersey where they overtax, overspend, take a lot of money and wasted it, mismanaged it, and explosive goes -- growth all over the east coast you can't blame donald trump. >> looking at hillary clinton, and the clinton foundation is being investigated for pay to play. you can talk about things donald trump has done as a businessman, what is happening around hillary clinton, does that hurt the little guy what hillary clinton
7:11 am
did? and a private email and private server in her basement? >> i don't know anyone who went bankrupt because of hillary's private server. the casino did not go bankrupt after this call's. some of the casinos went bankrupt when atlantic city was driving and i was there for that but as a policies of new jersey and a republican governor in the 90s contributed to the bankruptcies while other casinos were doing fine. >> it does drive with history. hillary clinton would make $250,000 for a 20 minute speech, she can relate to the little guy. every guy i know does that. every little guy gets millions of dollars in contributions to a foundation and amazingly those countries and entities who give those millions to the foundation that made she and her husband
7:12 am
rich, they get everything from iranian deal to special considerations from the us government. that kind of corruption people are sick of, hillary owns a piece of that and she has to wear that along with her pantsuits all the way to november. you can absolutely know that beating up donald trump or something in private business, jobs got lost, that is not good. not saying it is good for those folks but there are hundreds of thousands of people who have had jobs because of donald trump, donald trump has done something hillary clinton and barack obama have never done, signed the front of a paycheck in private business. never have they experienced that. for all those people in the private sector who work really hard they are not used to being able to write them a check and take good care of them. they got to go out and work and make it happen and that is why donald trump can relate to them a lot better than hillary can. maria: what did we hear in terms of creating jobs last night in terms of moving the economy last
7:13 am
night? dagen: government spending. her line was in the first hundred days we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment. investment is code for stimulus and government spending, they believe the government creates jobs, not private business, getting out of the way of individuals and those business owners, they believe we take the tax money and spend it for you. maria: that wasn't her husband's agenda. he went to the center second term. >> bill clinton is the pragmatist. hillary clinton is an ideologue. we saw that with this laser focus on everything from minimum wage, let's raise it up, without regard to the consequences of what that does to first-time jobseekers or how many people
7:14 am
get laid off because you artificially have the government decide what the wage ought to be. maria: appreciate your time. take a short break. a lot more to come, more reaction and look ahead to next week in business and your money, back in a minute. and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior
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7:16 am
maria: san diego police officer killed, another wounded late
7:17 am
last night. cheryl: police chief shelley zimmerman said the two officers were members of the department gang unit. he said they were making the stop before 11:00 pm and almost immediately afterward called for assistance. other officers in the area arrived quickly and both officers had been shot. one suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body and was rushed to the hospital where he did eventually die. the second officer is in surgery right now, the chief saying the hispanic male was shot while being taken into custody. details when we get them for you. a memorial for chris kyle has been unveiled. their monies were held yesterday in texas where an americans labor author and hero, in 1974. the chris kyle memorial plaid includes a bronze statue of kyle and several trees from george w. bush's ranch near crawford, texas. they were killed three years ago
7:18 am
by a former marine at a texas shooting range. that former marine convicted and sentenced to life in prison. chip only planning to open a burger restaurant in ohio called tasty made. chip police at the restaurant will focus on burgers, french fries and milkshakes. beef from animals raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones, as to pull he tries to recover from the e. coli outbreak and nora virus cases. the story tells 25%, did have issues, 40% over the last year. >> second-quarter earnings season in full swing. so far better than expected. some on tap today, the biggest names in the oil business. things to watch for your money this morning. home ownership ebola was level in 50 years. the millennial generation could
7:19 am
be to blame.
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♪soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪all you have to sa♪ ♪ is, "show me," and boom it's on the screen♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. maria: markets are looking lower, earnings in full swing, we are at the peak week of second-quarter earnings, amazon after the close yesterday they were good. it continues to reap new sales from prime memberships, stock defied as revenue has gone off and profits have not, google profit sword rising demand for mobile ads, we expect to hear from exxon mobil and chevron.
7:23 am
and in the last trading session, and michael bloch, good to see you. technology earnings, what is important to you. >> we have a situation where amazon came out last night. they blow it away, tons of revenue from prime, monetizing prime, the service business, world beating like online retail business killing it. i look at guidance and you can drive a fleet of jones -- drones through the operating profit guidance. the reason it is so soft is jeff bezos and his team are spending a lot of money building their fulfillment centers and services business and the markets are saying you are better that us at allocating capital, don't do it,
7:24 am
we love you. amazon is all about valuation. look at the retail business on cash flow basis, i have guys who say it looks cheap, we can debate that until the cows come home but that is the mentality. >> they are increasing margins. they went for revenue if everything else. >> like fox news and foxbusiness are aggressive. >> not in the google facebook moneymaking category. maria: on the way. >> i read a book called chaos monkeys, the founder of the company, right in the middle of the ad modernization game, facebook and everything else. facebook earlier this week, they
7:25 am
are killing it on mobile ad monetization. figuring out how to make this more attractive and valuable, they are winning, twitter not winning. these guys are winning, we will go for broke in this world and money keeps piling into these stocks. dagen: there is something going on, not necessarily the technology and data analytics. and the way you use it might not be an indication of real-world behavior, making it impossible to serve ads well. what we say and what we do have no bearing on our everyday lives which on instagram is different. they can't -- sending me ads for old spice. >> some explanation why twitter has an extraordinary man of engagement time, people spend
7:26 am
hours on twitter, generating the revenue. >> an interesting point. you are who you are but a lot of people, charlie gasparino fight with twitter and going after them because these people aren't real. what happens -- maria: hard to monetize. >> it is technology and platform. we have big data coming up today. maria: dow component, stress test. >> oil is crashing again. >> it is coming down. stocks sitting here, everyone
7:27 am
watching golf but they are not moving. >> probably not in the third quarter. in the last month. >> oil is coming down. energy stocks getting a pass too. the second thing with this is everyone seems to know that. what our expectations? the expectations are low. let's look at caterpillar, they lowered guidance, the world economy stinks, what has stock done? everyone -- these are the mike stocks. i asked why is caterpillar going higher? 20, 25 earnings. caterpillar, you are a mike
7:28 am
stock. maria: oil companies and technology on the upside. hillary clinton takes the stage in a historic moment. we breakdown the best moments from her speech, hitch and misses. at the lowest level in half a decade, millennial's to blame. what it means for the housing market. back in a moment. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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7:31 am
. maria: welcome back maria bartiromo, it is friday, july 29 here are top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, hillary clinton makes history now officially the first woman to be pment nominee had plenty of attacks for donald trump last night in her speech including this one-liner. >> a imagine you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> we are looking at most talked about moments during the finale of the a democratic convention donald trump meanwhile, continues on campaign trail today headed to clorox after railing on hillary clinton last night in iowa targeting the tea party new dominates reveal irs senior officials new about conservative groups being targeted since 2011 outrage coming up home ownership near
7:32 am
50-year low because of millenials we are following earnings, merck better-than-expected second quarter profit and revenue helped by growing demand for cancer treatment up nearly 2%, markets, this morning, you fractionally lower, although we are watching earnings, that will set the tony, dow jones industrial average expected to open down 20 points nasdaq is up, as we see technology earnings really once again better than expected. next hour we get first look at second quarter earnings gdp expectations growth 2.6% in gdp, europe market mixed investors waiting-results from bank stress test in eurozone due 4 pm eastern time in u.s. bank of japan disappointed markets milder stimulus than many hoped for, as a result, the market trade down ended up half a percent hillary clinton makes history accepting the pment nomination breaking that glass sealing in politics did
7:33 am
message thatch daughter sway voters as she pivots to the general elects looking at that whether most buzz one way or another to me moments resonated joining us pollster lee carter, good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> start with hillary clinton attack on donald trump. >> yes. >> and his finances listen to this. >> we will also liberate millions of people who already have student debt it is just not right, that donald trump can ignore his debts and students and families can't refinance their debts. >> a did that resonate with independents. >> did not was really, really -- the attacks on donald trump that hillary clinton has made didn't necessarily move he folks this week it was -- i think a big miss because i think she was hitting the wrong places bloomberg very effective in attack of donald
7:34 am
trump, but have what hillary clinton did here independents said seemed like trying to pander to bernie sanders, because stein debt one she has not campaigned on this seemed it just didn't seem to authentic seemed like wherever she could trying to talk about something that was -- for her people going to use it against donald trump just the contrast didn't necessarily move people. >> no kidding she is trying to pander to sanders supporters you had protesters outside, some protesters were burning american flag you had people inside. the convention hall. >> that is right, when you were there, they had taken the signs written by -- you know, and changed it like not -- i am with her, you like i am for 1 -- no tpp. >> a double comaum exactly right making public statements, that appear to suggest yes, i am actually with bernie people doing secret we had -- killing a us out saying we are going to get
7:35 am
t tpp mcauliffe closeure to her going to do tpp last night a display of military -- of military out there, general allen, we had earlier in the week that is not bernie positives supporters you heard what kucinich said on one hand i am with you, bernie supporters talking studedebt shs signaling to her own you know people, and even -- i am the old -- >> on -- >> game -- >> the problem, on trade, as first lady, pro-trade pro-nafta, favored nation status for china 2008 presidential candidate against it secretary of state, pro-trade, architect of tpp spoke positively 45 times called gold standard now running for president against a it. >> campaigned on that wants it
7:36 am
now against it. >> to the point what she is trying to do the art of addition not subtracts trying to have it both ways to appeal to both sides as i said earlier you need to keep bernie people in the tent to the extent you can you need to reach out to military independents republicans have doubts about donald trump leadership as commander in chiefn especially in light of russia flap a huge, huge gift to the campaign. >> -- that news chelsea clinton spokesman of mother's lifelong service to women and children. >> o i am voting for a woman who is my role model as a mother, and as an advocate. >> a woman who has spent her entire life fighting for families and children. who will reform our criminal justice system, and who knows that women's rights are human
7:37 am
rights. [cheers and applause] . >> and who knows that lgbt rights are human rights. [cheers and applause] . >> here at home, and around the world. >> what -- >> so certainly this rally you heard applause did it sway independents. >> it absolutely did not. >> for they thought she was poised, sweet thought it was a nice tribute to her mother people said i want more specifics is this true? i am not seen her in this capacity not thought of her fighting for women's rights i have seen her fight for health care a lot of different things i haven't seen their in this capacity if chelsea was going to make this claim would have been much more effective to tell a story like bill clinton giving his speech the other night told stories that about to to point making to show side we might not have seen. >> i am curiosity hoi that -- what you attract -- ivanka the message --
7:38 am
>> the message itself, when ivanka spoke gave stories you might note not have money about donald trump all kids actually did from tiffany talking about notes that he did on report card, it gave as you incite that you wouldn't have seen otherwise, what heals ae clinton did very, very nice -- >> very. >> talked about the notes, it is at what you will the same and chelsea's speech talked about notes letters mother would write on the road -- >> writing -- >> may be it was -- >> she did talk to that point talked about how her fae watched police academy. >> in these points trying to say my mother is a -- advocate for women my mother is all these things didn't give back stories why making claims those are important if that is what she wants and hillary does want to she is in fact running on this idea i'm going to fight for you fighting for women, fighting for -- >> just --
7:39 am
>> the narrative that will develop talk about it next hour "new york times" she home how is dwok for women because first female presidential candidate hey i fought for you now fought for yourself just because you got there doesn't help me that is part of the -- >> for families hole life i have not seen her that way. >> what did she achieve. >> i don't remember her fighting so much. >> we heard last night heard it from chelsea -- this is not rhetorical question, what has she in 30 years of public life, plus, 30 plus years public police what has she achieved, women and children other than the fact -- >> she was incredibly instrumental you can ask republican senators worked with her in 90s on this the chp program changed lives in health care for children, in that sense i think one example you are talking about, she has a secretary of state i think
7:40 am
made women's rights a priority, whether successful or not different story i think chelsea was talking about was the origin story of hillary clinton went to arkansas tried to did edesegregate housing, worked with children's defense fund i am not a defender of bioi think a poor job of telling you it is to your point has to take me to tell you what she did. >> that is exactly right the kinds of stories that they need to bring to life in order for these to be credible, bill clinton did do a good job of telling some of those stories would have been great to hear chelsea what inspires her more specifics. >> lee carter the latest if you are a fan of rolling stones you might want to check this out. ♪ ♪ ♪.
7:41 am
>> more on rolling stones rice krispies commercial resurfaced after more than 50 years we've got it from hill historic speech to chelsea's attribute to her mother no shortage of buzz worthy moments break down social media reaction to dnc finale, back in a minute.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
presidential. maria: new developments this morning no investigation into the irs targeting of conservative groups cheryl casone with story now. cheryl: yeah newly released fbi documents indicate several senior officials new about agency targeting of conservative groups almost two years, before they told congress.
7:45 am
judicial watch conservative legal dwoks group officials aware that agents in cincinnati branch flagging conservative groups for scrutiny in applications for nonprofit status, investigations by the fbi justice department resulted in no charges, in this case. headlines this morning home ownership down including among millennials, new data recessed by census bureau shows 4.1% americans under 35 own their homes that is the 7/10 of 1% line to in second qe, shift fallen 4.9% since 010 this data shows overall home ownership he has hit 51-year low that is despite interest rates 3 1/2%, finally if you are a fan of the rolling stones -- check this out 1960s commercial for rice krispies has reinstead of features vocals from the strong ♪
7:46 am
♪ wake up in the morning ♪ wake up in the morning, there is -- ♪ ♪ this is for you, and you and you ♪ cheryl: this was sung by mick jagger, written by original of brian jones where an british tv early 60s after stones first formed maria so i mean, never know what you are going to find in history, back to you. maria: that is great sh, gerri we have not seen that interesting to see this pop up. >> big rolling stones fan i have to say moved on from -- from ris prisities to hardo ric krispies. >> the remember ended stronger than -- the song all i can think stronger than dirt, of about my time still in any head geoa short break hillary clinton has eye of the tiger
7:47 am
according to katie took dnc stage in high energy performance of roar, straight ahead we will have much more on best moments social media action stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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♪ ♪ maria: katy perry performing fireworks last night dnc in
7:51 am
philadelphia, perry fourth most talked about speaker of the night on twitter, most talked about speaker was hillary clinton, with this attack on trump most talked about moments listen to this. >> if you imagine him in oval office facing real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. [cheers and applause] . >> so let's get a look at social media what everybody was talking about bring in cheddar ceo jon good to see you. >> what did you think tell us what you saw in terms of social media. >> nothing really kind of went crazy other than her playing with balloons going he oh, my gosh fireworks, right because the speeches were very flat punched sideways or basically punched down at donald trump nothing you want to do you always want to punch up, right giving him more spotlight more attention, struck me as relatively silly thing to do. maria: yeah.
7:52 am
>> she looked good, but not resonating with a lot of people. >> no novosenforc innovatively. >> blase same with chelsea, my mom is great was always that for me i wouldn't give that speech at my mom's 60 birthday not that interesting compare to bloomberg speech said i don't like her that much at the very least sane competent so bloomberg unique enforceel that is -- >> lines like wall street and main street i believe wall street can never, ever be allowed to -- she tweeted that in february, like she these are lines she has been using over and over again, including the detaal me in! . >> [laughter] >> punching down election of contrasts all are twov very unparticular candidates race to the bottom hold your nose
7:53 am
and vote. >> it is the same old same old same old, the one the most fundamental problem with hillary clinton candidacy she is the status quo people want change something different she went up there and reminded people why they won't change. >> where is effort in the speech writing, think about bill clinton, but he did great speaker writes great speeches nothing interesting she says mailing it in this kind of election is crazy no great stories no catching on he has finger on nuclear codes come on -- >> donald trump walked being into office launched nuclear weapons -- >> bill clinton tries to paint her changer maker there wasn't anything new in terms of change in the speech let me get your take on facebook last night facebook told us this line from hillary was their stop social moment of the night listen to this. >> if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman
7:54 am
card, then deal me in. [cheers and applause] . >> i suppose -- >> god. >> i suppose we spent discount the possibility and interesting with that was the most -- whatever it was shared on facebook whatever, possibility that we have seen her good this speech 1,000 times but there are probably 25, 30 million people tuning in last night many of them literally first time they have seen hillary clinton stump speech that is what they got so to some extent what -- >> is it it is really -- the culture bubble people like hillary clinton follow hillary clinton news outsources repeat send out line reshare on facebook retweet on twitter isn't indicative of anything, that whatever line she said would have been the line that surged basically. >> your k allergy point, any successful campaign repeat repeat repeat to the point rest of us follow it -- want to throw up everybody else, get the message that is why to go what she is doing you saw -- hope and change,
7:55 am
consistently with -- every -- >> i think that changes past few years to be honest used to be old thinking repeat repeat so few outlets now, the line will make it around i think you can take for granted if you give a clever line deal me in line that is going to be there, repeat forever you neither constant new content. >> president obama stole show on twitter last night this great speech she tested ready never quit, that is why hillary should be our next president of the united states. >> that should have been in her speech, that kind of that caden cadence, joe biden speech patriotic just harnessed the way americans feel about this country the pride perseverance the fight, and she didn't get she didn't i thought she would use some of that. >> she didn't. >> joe biden beloved by
7:56 am
democrats, more and more other people because of the personal tragedy he has gone through nobody wishes joe biden ill everybody joe biden completely silence it had room because of what happened, to have that capital no other politician i would argue that is have a capital because of what he has gone through. >> obama tweet cheesy and lame to be honest the twitter account only old tweet hillary clinton tweeted out donald trump delete your account, whether or not she wrote it kind of cool clever, edgy, you had to think what it was. >> resonated. >> it is cool. >> how about the balloon moment, john democratic nominee husband playing with the balloons, they were highlight across social media platforms what do you think about that. >> i think candidates seemed into balloons fireworks giuliani thing balloons didn't fall the balloons where are the balloons? >> very sophisticated smart seem super into fireworks and balloons.
7:57 am
>> every candidate for whatever reason loves to see their name on signs obsessed with science candidates love balloons signs wired -- >> showing it now -- on face fireworks went off she was genuinely super expedited only real emotion i think we saw whole night hillary clinton lovers fireworks. >> bill clinton has weird xreksz like out of it. >> the believe me worked? >> well -- i don't know he was doing weird hand gesture like bob fossey kind of thing onstage i thought what are you doing? >> i don't know if -- vice president -- >> i have seen a donald trump that was the worst. >> we will be right back. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started.
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8:00 am
>> i am dagen mcdowell maria bartiromo is here this morning, she will be back on camera momentarily friday, july 29, your top stories, at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, donald trump and hillary clinton back on the campaign trail, this after clinton initially the first woman to be a presidential nominee clinton celebrating milestone in her speech thanked bernie sanders. >> and so my friends it is with humility determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for
8:01 am
president of the united states [cheers and applause] . >> to all of your supporters here and around the country, i want you to know i heard you, your cause is our cause. >> republican nominee donald trump continues his campaign, today he heads to colorado, after railing on hillary clinton last night in iowa. breaking news overnight another police shooting, this time near san diego. one officer killed, the other currently in surgery. one suspect in custody, we will have the latest on that attack. >> the summer olympics fast approaching omega ceremony one week from day chaos in rio continues. as he athletes travel to brazil, another round of layoffs at microsoft the tech giant cutting nearly 3,000 jobs stock lower ahead of the opening bell, turning to broad markets futures lower later this hour we've got nasdaq in positive territory later this
8:02 am
hour a look at second quarter gross domestic product how fast is our economy growing here and in europe market mixed investors waiting for results from bank stress test in that regional due out later today. in asia the bank of japan disappointing markets, central bank saying it will only expand purchases of exchange traded funds, stocks fell nearly 2% on the news, recovered losses by the end of the session, and take a look at oil prices, tumbling back near 40 dollars a barrel back below 41 dollar mark crude near bear market territory down 20% from a recent high this morning "the wall street journal" editor in chief gerri baker like i don't know who you are look who is back julie roginsky, story of the day, hillary clinton making really history, but also a story of an economy that is growing slowly, gross domestic product out this morning, we also have
8:03 am
european stress test coming out gerri baker talking about what will happen postconvention, julie because we saw a bounce when donald trump finished his republican convention what kind of a bounce do you think hillary gets. >> a bounce we are going to olympics in august monday focused much on this september we will see bounce to look for not so much nationwide it is to look in ohio, florida, fens, colorado, all the swing states that is going to determine not just there but specific counties in some of those states does get that level that is what i would look like more carefully than overall national trend. >> do you think people start he focusing on this no i? >> no, i think julie is right going into give-and-take, people go on vacation, periods of down time. >> it will be -- >> well -- >> you know once past lay odor day debates late september
8:04 am
early october despite all of of that people pay attention important season the last presidential elects since 1980, where candidates were straight a week after conventions is basically where they ended up in november, so this next week is critical. >> rally is especially after what we saw after the rnc, hillary made history last night articulated trump doing so clinton accepted the democratic nomination for president last night she is first woman to do is to, for major party in the u.s. blake burman las more right now on convention finale in philadelphia good morning to you. reporter: hi maria good morning to you again this is most certainly a history making night here in philadelphia, last night, hillary clinton acknowledged it in her speech describing the night as a quote milestone, she was introduced first by her daughter chelsea clinton, talked about her mother as a listener and doer. >> every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless
8:05 am
of what is happening in her life, she was always always there for me. >> once hill took stage tried to position herself as candidate would best be able to bring about change in variety of issues cruelly wall street he reform comprehensive immigration reform global warming however there was major focus here, as well on donald trump from clinton she describes him as divisive as somebody who is pedaling fear to the rest of the country and most importantly she tried to describe him as somebody just simply not ready to be the commander in chief. >> imagine if you dare imagine imagine him until the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> well trump campaign put out
8:06 am
a statement calling speech collection of cliches rei he cycled rhetoric donald trump on the trail two stops in macrohillary clinton will be here in philadelphia this morning, then embarks on a bus tour throughout pennsylvania, ohio two numbers i leave you with here maria 59 and 102. 59 days, until that first presidential debate 102 days until election day in november a little bit of a ways to go. maria: exactly exciting election 59 days to debate, we are excited about that thank you. >> 59, 102. >> 102 average temp -- when there. >> it was hot it was hot for sure. >> hillary clinton donald trump engaging in war of words on the war against terror each substantiallying the oth nonchalantlying the other. >> man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.
8:07 am
>> i laid out my strategy for isis we will strike from the air and support local he forces taking them out on the ground. >> the problem they have is they have people that are not telling the truth ab our country is and where we stand. they are just not saying it, here they are giving it rose colored glasses, right? they are not talking about radical islamic terrorism. >> bring in former director of the defense intelligence agency good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: you are the author of the field of fight we know and i want to get your take on the what you heard last night, from hillary clinton, as it relates to isis. >> not very much, but you know would have the words she used was trust, and i have a difficult time trusting in this case she says based on
8:08 am
her actions as not only the secretary of state emergency room some things we have seen in the campaign in this idea of change, i mean, barack obama came in with hope and change, actually maria last 16 years when we have seen just the steady traem of poor decisions this notion political process in this country can actually fix the problems that they created, i don't see it i don't see the level of trust out of hillary clinton, and to me that is probably the single biggest factor for me personally, is the lack of trust between the federal government and people of this country right now and i think that is why donald trump is resonating. >> you have seen the it, you -- >> i have. >> you told us you never even met with president obama. given your role in this administration, you would have thought otherwise. >>e i can't, you are right, and the idea about radical islamism what we are facing, i mean germany right now
8:09 am
contemplating putting their arms forces in their own street in germany because of the level of attacks going on in that country right now, that is one of the things on the table that they are contemplating. i mean, we have barack obama who is talking about bringing 100,000 refugees into this country from syria, afghanistan, and iraq. and we have already had people in administration say vetting of those individuals itself going to be difficult if not impossible, so something has got to be corrected here, about with this problem that we are facing, otherwise we are going to have more -- more problems going to only increase like we have seen in the last couple years. maria: i want to get panel in, but -- we got to talk about donald trump of a moment he is clarifying his remarks, calling for russia to recovery hillary clinton missing e-mails, listen to this we've got to get your reaction. >> everybody knows i was being sarcastic when i said it where are e-mails why did she delete e-mails how did she get away with it obviously i was being
8:10 am
sarcastic a lot of people really smiled and laughed it was said in a sarcastic manner, obviously i looked at cameras. >> so you are critical of hillary clinton we know that, and the current strategy against isis, how do you look at donald trump and in particular what he said this week, that really got a lot of people angry that he put our own national security on the line, by inviting russia to hack into and get those e-mails? >> i mean i saw his comments i think that they were sarcastic i would tell you everybody needs to be very precise language we choose to use, but what we are talking about is an individual in hillary clinton as secretary of state she placed our national security at risk, the director of fbi said she lied to the american public and to them, then people of this country are going do have to judge what they what they judge, in terms of hillary clinton but she lied she placed our
8:11 am
national security at risk, i mean, where are those e-mails and what is said in them i mean about unplooefbl. >> something not sarcastic about abrogating nato alliance unless they play a boundy shakedown however wah not to term it we heard colonel allen west earlier a republican supporter of donald trump concerned about language republicans across the board are concerned about it i know you have relationships in russia with vladimir putin and others. but do you understand, how those of us who are weary of vladimir putin concerned about russian enencroachment in baltics eastern yooub kaub becauses why we might be concerned about a consumer in chief doesn't want to uphold decades long alliance seems starting with russia in some cases over interests of the yu united states. >> no love lost between me and vladimir putin all you got to do read my book see what it
8:12 am
says about russia nato was created post world war ii based on assumptions of the cold war rice of communism the col war we won compromise communism collapsed now in new world need the revisit all assumptions nato was a built one every single one we are in 1st century world with greater threat they have to pay bills we can't keep going three quarters of the country not facing shaver to be part of this alliance. >> i get it but i have to i'm sorry i have to -- >> i don't think you do i don't think you get it i really don't. >> i really do i have to press you on this you are telling me right now pose same questions as you you as colonel west coast you are telling me baltics latvia lithuania estonia in alliance with us if vladimir putin rolls tanks i don't know wherever villines we are supposed to sit back unless they pay bounty because
8:13 am
somehow he is no longer a communist. >> obviously we're not going to do that just not going to do it that is not with a good friend does he on the other hand this is not about what nato was. this is about what nato will be in future with a series of new trusts we are involved with that includes russia, i am not going to leave that off the table includes russia there has to be some coming to grips with, what it cost to be a member of these alliances let's not be sit here be you know -- small about this that is big, big deal. >> to be fair not -- >> 23, 24 countries are not paying bills. >> madeleine albright agreed yesterday we had herel her on show from philly she said yeah, they have to pay their fair share she was agreeing with donald trump, on that point. on that point. certainly. general do you think donald trump can do it can he surround hills with right people and make the -- the as relates to subjects. >> yes there is a bunch of great people in this country
8:14 am
that serve in all of all capacities throughout our government frankly outside of the government too i think those are types of people that those irsome of the people i have seen donald trump surround himself with absolutely. absolutely. >> thank you. >> we appreciate your time lieutenant general we will see you soon sir. we'll be right back. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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keeping you on course. so call now and discover how an aarp medicare supplement plan could go long™ for you. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . . maria: welcome back san diego police officer was killed, another wounded late last night, breaking news here cheryl casone has it and developments, right now. cheryl: that is right good morning, we are following new
8:17 am
details right now he, we just heard from police chief saying two officers were members of the zept gang unit says they were making a stop before the 11 pm root of night almost immediately after they called for assistance, other officers arrived quickly found both officers shot one officer suffered multiple gunshot wounds to upper body rushed to the hospital where he died. the second officer has just come out of surgery expected to survive, police say a hispanic male was shot being taken into custody. >> well, terminix offering 85 million dollars to family after severely ill because of a pesticide at u.s. virgin islands report 3 million dollars has been paid in march said it would pay 10 million for unifying baned chemicals at resort family suffered
8:18 am
sever respiratory trauma, microsoft planning more layoffs according to sec filing will will let go 2850 employees over next 12 months, microsoft said in may would eliminate 1850 positions most in finland bought being no kwla two years ago unsuccessful attempt to take on market leaders apple and samsung. >> and, finally, this. attendees at the democratic national convention in philadelphia mixed business with fun dating app tinder grindr. spike in activity around wells fargo where convention was held number of people using the gay dating apps shot up 148% among thousands of messagexchanged 29 members dnc three used world hillary, usage increased
8:19 am
massive% democrats not alone, those dating sites saw spikes at the republican convention, in cleveland, last week. >> that is interesting. >> know; right? >> wow somebody had fun thank you up next outrage over main stream media fraifrism of hillary clinton over donald trump taking a look at some headlines today that is next then democrats -- policy and immigration we will hear from two muslim trump supporters why standing behind policies, back in a minute. welcome back f
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
it was bernie bias now the "new york times," under fire for favoritism for hillary clinton securing nomination compared to donald trump's
8:23 am
nomination, take note have "new york times" front story the first paragraph today hillary diane rodham clinic sacrificed person ambition for husband's political career rose to be a they probably influential figure first woman to accept a mainly party presidential nomination thursday night a prides generations of american women have dreamed about for one of their own this is the top first story in the "new york times" today. no i let's take a look at the lead from last friday, that is after cleveland. cleveland. in his in likely rise to the republican nomination, donald j. trump attacks lobbyists dispercentaged big donors railed against party establishment but on shores of lake erie this week, beyond the glare of television cameras, the power of the permanent political class seemed virtually undisturbed i
8:24 am
hate to put you on spot what is your take. >> first one you this morning's first paragraph about hillary clinton you should have recited that with soaring music in the background -- [laughter] >> stirring violins, the great moment, this is a news story again, we everybody understands difference between news. >> this is a news story front page story of a paper that is a paragraph that is calling upon people to celebrate the nomination of hillary diane rodham clinton. >> how that is that is that is opinion commentary not even masquerading it is out there as opinion contrast about trump bizarre about taking object lobbyists doing whatever you do on shores of lake erie, and people wondered why people complain about "new
8:25 am
york times" bias i am editor "the wall street journal" -- i challenge you to read. >> the journal clinton lays out her vision. >> first paragraph, hillary clinton first order of business passivity democratic convention bus trip battle ground. >> is it not right on right equivalent of our "new york times." >> clinton accepted democratic party nomination for president thursday castings hers as leader standardness unifying approach stand in sharp contrast with opponent. >> that is a news story we are par grooegz words not making commentary not saying grand historical putting in grand historical content incredibly favorable way that is that is the way media play it -- >> i think we need to correct something, actually story on the nomination in "new york times" about donald trump last friday started with the following, donnal john, trump accepted republican presidential nomination theirs night with unusually vehement peel to americans feel country
8:26 am
spiraling at you of control yearn for pleader who will take aggressive even extreme actions to protect them. >> -- i mean both breathless descriptions. >> i think hillary clinton thing about she has -- basically opened -- >> personal ambition to husband's career, really? >> -- i mean, really? she is actually some could argue she is actually where she is, now, in part because of what happened how her husband behaved in office led to surge of similar thee for her end of 1990s enabled her to become senator from new york not denying talent very capable talented person a life sometime sacrificing ambitions for husband i that i little rich. >> also yearning that women yearned -- that is a verb. >> generations of women had dreamed. >> dreamed about. >> one of their own. >> okay just wanting to appointed that out it is important because you talked
8:27 am
about main media "new york post" hillary speaks to dnc -- >> that is a headlined that is a headline. >> made me read it. >> okay we got to get to a break we want to get the notes here this is thedale news is did not put it on cover actually here daily news -- he -- >> hillary gets a little line the bottom that is kind of odd. >> hillary accepts historic -- a short break up next moments away from first reading on second quarter gdp futures decline 40 points on dow breaking down the headlined number next. it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the c300 for $379 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> welcome back, happy friday, everybody. it's friday, july 29th. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the conventions are over and donald trump and hillary clinton campaigning. >> a president should respect the men and women who risk their lives, including captain khan and the sons of tim kaine and mike pence, both marines. >> you have sacrificed nothing. we cannot solve our problems by building walls. soaring division.
8:31 am
maria: the gdp is out. it's up. the olympics is a week from today and chaos in rio as athletes are travelling to brazil. exxonmobil shares under measure. the oil giant's profits 60%. the slump in crude oil prices weigh on profits. the stock is a dow component. as you can see, things have worsened after the gdp report came out. dow industrials expected to open down 50 points. this is a first look at the second quarter growth. 1.2%. it called for 2.6%, this is much lower than estimates. in europe, markets are mixed and investors are waiting for
8:32 am
the bank stress test in the euro zone. they're out later today and they are due out at 4 p.m. eastern time. in asia, the overnight bank of japan, the bank saying they'll purchase exchange traded funds and it will expand the purchases of etf's, stocks fell on that news and recovered by the end of the session to end up 1/2 of 1%. let's turn to the final day of the democratic national convention, the father of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq, he slammed donald trump and recent comments. >> donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution. i will gladly lend you my copy.
8:33 am
in this document look for the words-- look for the words liberty and equal protection of law. maria: i want to bring in saba ahmed, of the coalition and the president of the american muslims for trump. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. maria: i want your take off the bat. what do you think of last night and what you just heard? >> i thought it was fabulous, donald trump caused all the democrats to bring out their muslim supporters for the past several years we've had lots of comments against islam and muslims, but we've never seen democrats talk about it. they've always silenced muslims so it was nice to see muslims on stage, but at the same time i thought it was thanks to donald trump had he not talked
8:34 am
about the muslim ban there would be no muslims on stage. maria: you like the fact that the conversation is there and taking place? >> yes, of course, i think that the muslim-american community is coming to the forefront and obviously, there are thousands of muslim-american soldiers and serving our nation proudly and we hope that obviously any president would acknowledge that and value all of us. maria: what about you? >> i salute the supreme court sacrifice to be honest with you, but at the same time i have questions. what they have done for muslims in the past eight years and the copy of the constitution, they wanted to give to donald trump, i think that barack obama needs to see that guantanamo bay is still open, so, and no solid policy. yesterday, to me, it was all just same, hope and change, same just a political--
8:35 am
40 years of political experience she has shown up on the stage, but from the islamic point of view not identifying the particular islamic threat and no solid policy from the middle east. and all over france, and they have-- this is disrespect even to the people of orlando and california, not identifying radical islam. so, it was a good thing that captain khan's parents came up and expressed and humbled that muslims came on the stage, but not identifying radical islam is not a solution. it's not going to work. and the same false hope and all celebration, it seems like like a disney show. maria: this is an important point that you're making because we really don't hear from the muslim community enough in terms of denouncing this-- the atrocities. >> of course we denounce them. maria: of course you do.
8:36 am
i'm just saying it's important for your voice to be heard. >> definitely. and i hope that democrats will also bring those voices out. i think we've seen obama's failed foreign policies in the last several years and yesterday we saw establishment politicians just continue that. i don't see hillary clinton changing anything. they've been in office for the last eight years and caused the isis mess and you know, hurt many american lives all around the world and i think, going forward, it's important to see strong leadership coming from republicans, national security and defense is a top priority for us and we have to have a president who understands threats and who knows how to deal with them working with muslim americans in partnerships. maria: who do you think that is? do you think that donald trump understands? >> i think so. i will look forward to seeing donald trump in office and i think he comes across as a strong leader. we have seen failed weak leadership coming from obama. i mean, he talks all about hope and change and we have yet to see anything change in washington and there is no
8:37 am
hope. so i really look forward to republicans taking the white house and providing a better vision for america and getting our world leadership status back. i mean, americans used to be known for enforcing their red lines. obama talked about syrians red lines and then enforced them. 4 4 400,000 people died and-- >> and here is julie. >> i'm trying to figure out how you can reconcile donald trump's first ban and then face terrorism-- >> let me finish, which to me includes europe, it includes parts of the middle east, obviously, it includes israel and terrorism here. how do you reconcile that, obviously, both of you are muslim, with the support for donald trump. >> i think that blatant religious discrimination plan is an illegal.
8:38 am
and at the same time vetting every person who comes to the united states is important. and obviously we shouldn't make the criteria religion we should be serious not allowing anybody from state sponsored terrorism. we don't want to see more terror in the united states. i agree with donald trump with a strict immigration policy. and territory-wise there are countries that don't allow it and expanding that is perfectly all right. maria: do you want to expand? they're making points. isis infiltrating the refugee flow in europe. i mean, and really, to julie's point. there are a lot of countries that could be captured by this new formulation of the ban on muslims, europe, africa, middle east, the world, asia, southeast asian country. it does amount, essentially to
8:39 am
a ban on muslims into the country, which is you said probably unconstitutional. isn't the only saving grace in mr. trump's policies it's unconstitutional and roll it out at the first opportunity. >> right, exactly, we want to make sure that he enacts policies that won't be unconstitutional. and we hope that he obviously has a stricter immigration policy about anyone coming from terrorist countries. we doesn't want to see more terrorism and we want to make sure that our country is safe and america is a great country that it's always been. maria: all right. we will leave it there. we appreciate your time this morning. thanks so much. we will see you soon. coming up, hillary clinton celebrating her presidential nomination last night while rowdy protests erupted outside on the streets of philly. stuart varney will weigh in. it was an exciting night. back in a moment.
8:40 am
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a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. welcome back. hillary clinton making history as the first female nominee of
8:43 am
a major property. not everybody was celebrating. protesters were on the streets on of of philly. even burning the flag. and stuart varney joins us with his take. stuart: i'm not referring to the events outside the arena, i'm going to refer to events inside the arena as of just before hillary clinton was speaking. a medal of honor recipient, congress ann medal of honor, disrespected. a police chief from dallas who called for a moment of silence in honor of fallen police officers, interrupted with black lives matter cries. a top general interrupted, stop war, no more war. and then this morning, a police officer in san diego is shot dead. he was on an anti-gang operation. all of this, i think, combines together to overshadow what hillary clinton had to say last night. and then you've coupled that with this gdp report, which shows real weakness in our economy, and you have to go back to hillary clinton's speech to ask, where is the growth? how are you going to give us
8:44 am
growth in an economy like this? spend more government money? tax more? is that what it's going to get us? i think the whole-- the whole coronation last night has been overshadowed by the events of the day. that's where i'm coming from. maria: you're absolutely right. the economy has grown at less than 2% for three straight quarters. not only a horrible number in the second quarter we got the first quarter downward, 8/10 of a percent, initially that number was at 1.1%. >> the economy is barely at stall speed. it's a dangerous moment. you've had as you say three straight quarters below 2% and annualized the first half of the year around 1%. any weakness that you see in this quarter, which could be caused by some of the vote of the british to leave the european union could push the economy to recession. i don't want to talk down the economy, but the economy is now
8:45 am
running at a slow pace and you could easily fall into recession. stuart: gerry, it's on the edge of recession, on the cusp of recession, what's hillary clinton's policy on this? give aways, free stuff, attack the rich. this is not an answer to our economic situation. i just didn't hear anything about growth last night and that's what everybody wants, surely, give us some growth. >> it's chronically weak economic growth, monetary policy stimulus does not work, keep trying it, inflation numbers out of europe this week have been horrible. i agree, there is nobody is putting forward policies to actually generate the growth they need. stuart: donald trump is. maria: and president obama is-- and told that trump did not jibe with reality.
8:46 am
it's not rainbows and puppy dogs. >> let's talk about donald trump's policy and i'd like to hear more whether it's going to stimulate the economy. stuart: how do you stimulate this economy? what's the best way? i want to stimulate private enterprise and the best way to do that lower the corporate tax rate and the individual tax rate our money is put into the private sector of the economy. i haven't heard anybody else with any clue about how to get us some real growth. case closed. maria: stuart, thank you, see you in 15 minutes. stuart: sure thing. maria: "varney & company" begins at 9 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria", julia, i know you say go to her website, she is talking about raising minimum wage and-- how do you raise growth. >> i hope she has a press conference to raise it. maria: when was the last time she had a press conference? >> oh, last year. you asked a legitimate question, it's time for her to meet the press. dagen: don't you worry your pretty little head, the government--
8:47 am
>> she's going ton on fox news sunday. dagen: that was made as a joke. maria: i that know. and just out, brandon marshall, challenges antonio brown, more on football in a minute. ♪
8:48 am
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8:51 am
round of the tournament teed off, just about 35 minutes ago, squeegees came out for the delay. yesterday, jimmy walker was dynamite. and walker at 6 birdies on the day. ricky fowler, also looking for his first major win and stuck the approach an and got the birdie. 67, three shots off the lead. and british open champ par 4 2nd his approach within inches of holing out and tap in for birdie. three under, two shots back at the pga championship. every major this year has been won by a golfer who never won. to be jimmy walker, jason day back on the leader board. one week from tonight, opening ceremonies of the 2016 ceremonies in rio. we'll see the americans decked
8:52 am
out in these snazzy uniforms. team usa, white jeans tapered in at the ankle, skinny jeans. and blazers and red, white and blue striped boat shoes. and transit workers are ready to go on strike. a concern over the summer games yesterday as we watch and saw protesters block the olympic torch. the relay from a coastal resort town south in rio. fantasy football reached a new level where players bet on themselves, a form of luxury cars. check out the instagram video posted by new york jets video marshall, a challenge to pittsburgh steelers wide receiver antonio brown. more than me sh, and get a rolls-royce. >> is this a fair bet? antonio brown says, no, he tells tmz, the rolls-royce is
8:53 am
about $100,000 more than the porch in value. he says if he's serious, call me, don't internet it. he'll gladly accept. last year antonio brown had a few hundred more yards. you never kick the porch out of bed. do you the porch against the rolls. it's like 100 shares of facebook against 100 shares of twitter. >> and one is a big boat of a man's car and one is a fine german racing machine. i don't care what the numbers say. >> i think the athlete thinks he's cooler in a porch, but take-- >> it's porsche. >> by two porsches. >> do not insult. >> and what is it, it's a, i think it's a 12 cylinder, a huge engine in it, it's very fast, but it's still an old fuddy-duddy car. >> and the big line--
8:54 am
and you love into that from the old fuddy-duddy car. maria: jared, you're great. final thoughts from our all-star panel after the break.
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ >> welcome back. final thoughts from our all-star panel this morning. julie. >> we were talking earlier about polls coming out right
8:57 am
now and i want to caution people, sit tight on polls you see the next day or two on the convention, and whatever happens is baked in for three or four days. pay attention next week and don't look at the national polls, pay attention to the state by state polls. maria: like you said, it's going to be quiet in august and leading to september and the first debate when people make decisions. >> and the economy, the figures show it's weaker than thought. the economy is in a rut. this economy is in a rut. the global economy is in a rut and we need some policies and ideas how we are going to get out. and so far haven't seen anything. maria: so difficult to get tax reform done. >> hillary goes another another new jersey government stimulus and donald trump is favor in
8:58 am
tax cuts, but also in favor of tariffs, and that would almost instantly precipitate. and it needs to be deregulated and very little investment loans. we're in a weak condition. dagen: hillary clinton says you don't get tax breaks and layoff people. again, the government knows better than the individual businesses and ceo's, she want after wall street despite taking six-figure paychecks for speaking engagements at the likes of goldman sachs wate won't be allowed, main street was her line, again, government knows better. the government's going to tax you and take your money and spend it and create jobs that way rather than making it easier for businesses to start to operate and to hire. maria: i feel like multinationals, and this is a generalization, but a lot of the military nationals are with hillary, but smaller businesses are with trump and even wall street, you can't really say
8:59 am
it's all of wall street is with hillary because i spoke with somebody just the other day within goldman sachs, for example, and she said to me, the bosses are probably with hillary, and they hedge their bets because they're giving to both candidates, but within the firm 50-50. and big companies can spend and do spend hundreds of millions in washington and other capitals lobbying so that they get things to go their way. it is small business that wants to get these regulation sz-- regulations are written in large part to help big companies, getting richer and more powerful and it's small business that's suffering and that's one of the appeals of donald trump. dagen: the tax code is so complicated almost impossible for small businesses to do their taxes without help. and my parents lived that. by the way, my dad's 80th birthday today. >> happy birthday.
9:00 am
maria: great to see you. >> and maria bartiromo. maria: and my interview with trump executive, eric trump. he'll respond to what we heard on the dnc. that's sunday morning futures. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you, indeed. and good morning, everyone. hillary clinton's speech overshadowed by events inside the convention and on the the streets of another american city. first, let's deal with an act much disrespect in the extreme. roll tape. >> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers, with a moment of silence. silence. >> all right. let's be clear, a moment of silence for fallen police officers interrupted by black lives matter.


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